How to Make Your Family Christmas Card Photos Memorable?

How to Make Your Family Christmas Card Photos Memorable?

"Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us.” - David Cameron

One of the most important things to reflect on during the Christmas season is wishing all our near and dear ones the very best for the coming year, well don’t you agree?

Make a Family Christmas Card - Below Hero Zero

Opening up a Christmas card printed with an adorable family picture makes our faces light up with a wholesome smile. Everything, from their nicely coordinated costumes to the bright twinkle in their eyes, paints the image of true family bliss right before our eyes. How can we not want to showcase this much-coveted timeless image of family that has the potential to make the holiday season more enthralling for all of us? If your dream of making your Christmas postcard recipients jealous with your ‘hey, we’re doing so great here’ vibe has not been brought to life for a long time now, let us tell you what all goes into making it come true.

So, it is all about the chemistry that you have with your family members and nothing is going to change that fact. But a lot of credit also goes to how you are putting that image out in the open. With some planning and seasonal shopping, you can make the onlookers go gaga over your beautiful family frame because as they say, ‘sweater weather is better together’. If your forehead just wrinkled in anticipation and curiosity, let us tell you about all the required ingredients to get that perfect family portrait!

Sit back, relax, and plan

There are many people who go overboard with the photo shoot planning and soon before they know it, their picture-perfect postcard starts looking gloomy and full of effort (unfortunately in the wrong way). Christmas postcard photos should not look cheesy and organized; they are meant to capture your family’s essence of love and you-before-me sentiment in a candid way. We say – rather than taking a picture too early (let’s say in July) and having it printed conventionally, just order pre-printed postcards by sending them your cutest picture in early December so that the festivity reflects in your smiles.

First thing first – Visualize the Look

Rather than starting off with no final theme in mind, it is always a great idea to have a clear visual about how you want your Christmas postcard picture to come out. Having your entire family on board for a fruitful discussion beforehand will ensure that everyone feels special and involved so that those brimming smiles come out naturally. Whether it be a cozy picture captured across the fireplace within your home or an outdoor picture that stands out with the magnificent snowy backdrop – everything becomes more fun when the theme is well-planned in advance.

Coordinate the ensemble with Red Winter Jackets

Besides being an impeccable tip to show oodles of inbound love, wearing matching attires also works wonders to make your pictures outshine with a dash of style. You can bring about a positive change by replacing those boring festive sweaters with refreshing red winter jackets for ladies and men to coordinate your entire family’s wardrobe. Red winter jackets are not only an ideal pick for the festive season, but they can inject an interesting twist to all your winter outfits, during Christmas and beyond.


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Select your clothing and accessories smartly

While choosing matching women’s and men’s red winter jackets, you have to be smart, so that you do not bring home something low-quality that does not splinter the winter (pun intended). Ensure that you buy from a trusted manufacturer like Below Zero Hero so that your jackets are adequately warm, comfortable, and long-lasting. Similarly, you need to pay attention to your accessories. If it is an indoor theme, you can choose matching pajamas whereas for an outdoor shoot, how about a ‘victory’ sign with matching gloves? Remember – you do not need to go bananas with accessories; minimalistic is the new ‘cute’. On that note, you can also go for fuzzy slippers instead of winter boots. Aren’t you already excited to create magic with this incredibly goofy Christmas look?

Wrapping Up

Not only are Christmas postcards a great way to extend our heartfelt wishes to our friends and family members, but they also serve as a token of love that tells them that we are all doing good back home. After all, how often do we get to meet them despite all the promises made on the last day of high school or even when we moved to another city for work?

Allow Below Zero Hero to play Santa this year by adding the much-needed sparkle to your Christmas card photos with resplendent red winter jackets for ladies and gentlemen, yes you. We have abundant Christmas love to offer in all sizes and colors. So, are you all set to seize the annual opportunity to put your year-long playfulness and camaraderie on the showcase?

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