Complete Protective Gear for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Complete Protective Gear for Outdoor Enthusiasts

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” - Maya Angelou

There are many of us who live by this popular quote, and do not want to settle for the ‘normal’ and ‘boring’ parts in our lives. Be it the most exciting adventure sports like rock climbing or just being out there to watch a flock of birds and admire the beauty of nature for hours, the adventurer in us keeps looking out for newer and more interesting ways to provide food for our souls. But leaving home prepared with essentials like a water bottle, a mini first-aid kit, a warm jacket and a pair of gloves is always a wise decision. In case you enjoy the adrenaline rush that cheerful outdoor activities like rock climbing bring along, here is our expert list of essential gear that you need to lay your hands on this season: 

Complete Protective Gear for Outdoor Enthusiasts by Below Zero Hero


Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Well, the saying is absolutely true for everyone, even men. There are a lot of things that your feet accomplish every day, especially when they are walking in snow or on wet and slippery terrains. You cannot go ahead, and do your thing unless you are in a comfortable pair of shoes. 

Helmet and Harness

Helmet and harness are few of the most basic elements in the protective gear for any adventurous activity, considering the severe risks associated with head injuries. You can find a wide range of helmets available online but experts suggest to assess their features like sturdiness, adaptability, headlight compatibility, ventilation and comfort, before shortlisting a model.

Outdoor Backpack

A backpack is one of the most essential items on the list as it allows you to keep many other essentials handy in your time of need. From necessary food supplies to useful tools like a flashlight and first-aid kit, a backpack helps you be prepared for the adversities. Here’s an expert tip – while shopping for the most suitable backpack, do not forget to choose the right size and design as per your individual needs. 

Waterproof Gloves

This gear is a must-have pick for rock climbers or mountaineers who do not want the elements to stop them from marching forward. Usually, the best and sturdiest mountaineering gloves are made using high-quality leather and synthetic materials. All thanks to their premium construction, not only are these gloves waterproof, but also highly durable, agile, and comfortable. Here’s an expert tip – gloves designed with elastic synthetic backing and leather knuckles are a great option. 

Warm Jacket

Trekking is an unpredictable venture! You might feel super cold at one time, and at the very next hour, all hot and sweaty. This makes a zippered winter jacket from a reputed brand like Below Zero Hero, a necessity as it is easier than pullovers to wear and take off. Our impeccable winter jackets for women and men feature special duck-down inner lining to offer oodles of comfort and warmth. Their warmth-to-weight ratio is too good to be true, and these women’s and men’s winter jackets are designed to withstand cold environments (even liquid nitrogen) like a true Ninja. As far as their functionality is concerned, these warm jackets are designed with an adjustable hood and 6 big pockets with velcro-lock to keep your valuable belongings close and safe. 

Mountaineering Trousers

There is a high risk associated with adventurous activities, especially when they involve wet or cold weather conditions. You can easily slip on a wet trail, even if you have the most dependable pair of shoes on. Therefore, experts suggest investing in a pair of high-performance trousers that provide you with the required room and comfort of movement. Mountaineering trousers are exceptionally warm on the inside and stylish on the outside to give you the best of both worlds. 

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Wrapping Up 

All the items listed above are duly tried and tested by adventurers, travelers and rock climbers with years of experience on the hills. Each of them plays a unique role in making your adventurous trip successful, and so, you need to pay attention to add them to your cart before you start packing. After all, winters are for celebration and merrymaking!

There are so many people who spend the entire winter season spending most of their time indoors, but if you are someone who agrees with Seth Godin when he said “if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try”, our winter jackets are designed for you. If you love to embrace the panoramic views of nature with open arms, your outdoor kit is incomplete without the best winter jacket, and that’s what we are good at making. So, the next time you go outdoors for a revitalizing activity in the winter season, step out in confidence with the Below Zero Hero winter jackets for women and men. 

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